Sculpted Photography

About Us

Kenario is Ken Dorr from California and Mario Marchiaro from Italy, whose combined talents create a collection of photography with a mix of media and an added flare of romanticism. Their distinctive eye and interest in using photography, watercolors and oils with a combination of techniques makes their work stand out in the art world.
One of their photographic techniques has evolved into a style they call “Sculpted Photography”. After creating an original photograph using a Polaroid SX-70 camera, Kenario creates a new work of art by lightly sculpting the soft developing emulsion with a variety of tools. The result is an impressionist painting-like quality for which they have been recognized among few artists worldwide.
Some images are then taken to a further step by applying oils to the picture itself or watercolors to a print on hand molded acid free cotton rag paper creating the final original mixed media art piece.
Having traveled the world in search of new images, their body of work represents many countries and most continents.
Their clients are equally as varied and includes celebrities such as: Marvin Hamlisch, Lily Tomlin, Chita Rivera and Tracey Ullman corporations such as IBM, Ralston Purina, MCA Records, Ruth’s Chris Steak House also a variety of galleries such as the Exposure Gallery (Palm Springs), The Artisans (San Francisco), Memories Gallery (Provincetown, MA.), Isis (Corte Madera CA), Photo Metro Gallery (San Francisco), the Museo Italo-Americano (San Francisco), Polaroid Permanent Collection and
the Palm Springs Desert Art Museum
and interior decorator firms like: D-Zign (Canada), Oberon Design (San Francisco),
Eaton Fine Arts (Dallas) and Dugall Design (Pasadena CA).

Ken and Mario’s vision is to present illuminations of the planet in a way which combines many artistic mediums, foresight and a touch of magic.
Kenario’s work, which has been recognized with many awards of excellence, is published by Kenario Publishing.

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