Sculpted Photography


We began our Adventure in 1997, and in that time have developed a partnership to creatively express ourselves in the arena
of fine art. One of our passions is to travel and create photo impressionistic images. We developed a technique to heat the Polaroid SX-70 film on location anywhere in the world. We discovered that cautiously pouring hot boiling water over the image while it sits clamped down in a square plastic container softens the emulsion and allows a constant heat source. This lets the artist sculpt on the image for 15 to 20 minutes. The Mylar is very durable and as long as you don’t puncture it you can get amazing results. Every one of our photo impressionistic images were created underwater using this technique.
There are two types of cameras we use, one is an SX-70 camera and the other is a Mamiya RB 6X7 medium format camera with custom made SX-70 Polaroid back attached. Using this RB system allows us the luxury of many different lenses and filters, although most of our images were shot with the original SX-70 camera which is much more convenient to travel with since it folds into such a small package.
Some of our images are taken to another step by painting directly on the manipulated Polaroid surface with French oils and Inks or creating a unique piece by printing the image on Somerset Velvet watercolor paper with archival pigment inks and then hand painting over the entire piece with watercolor inks.
We offer Originals and Giglee limited editions on canvas and watercolor paper.
We, Ken Dorr and Mario Marchiaro formed Kenario, as an artistic partnership that combines– many photographic elements, painting,
image sculpting, foresight and a touch of magic.