Sculpted Photography


Kenario offers One on One and group workshops held in San Diego, California from October through May.

sx70-workshopThe workshop consists of two 8-hour intensive days. Workshops are open to beginning and experienced artists.

Equipment needed is a digital camera and laptop computer with the ability to burn CDs or a Polaroid SX-70 Camera with at least 5 packs of Time Zero Film.

The first day involves hiking and working outdoors.

There will be much time spent on locations in the desert creating the images needed for the next days work.


Topics discussed, demonstrated and guided through are as follows.

Composition (an in depth look at format and how to change it)

Exposure (with filters and long exposures for night and day uses)

Tricks of the trade (learned shortcuts and ways to use time wisely)

Tools and Techniques (from Photoshop to painting)

Letting go (developing your own unique point of view)

Creating a palette (discussions on color preferences and mixing)

Oil painting techniques (hands on painting)

Watercolor painting techniques (hands on painting)

Preserving and presenting the Original piece (from signing to framing)


polaroid-manipulation-workshopThe cost for the two-day workshop is $1400.00 and includes lunch both days.

The timeframe of each day is 8am to 6pm.
This workshop is only for those who are open to having fun and learning something
highly creative with unlimited potential. The tools in the right hands can work Magic!

Participants are required to make their own reservations and accommodations for the
Two-day period.

Reservations or Questions can be directed to Ken or Mario at 619-397-8233



“Ken and Mario made me feel welcome and comfortable right from the start. The tools and techniques I learned at the workshop
are helping me develop my SX-70 work in more creative ways. The workshop left me feeling encouraged and inspired – as if my
artistic battery has been charged. I highly recommend the Kenario workshop for everyone interested in the SX-70 art form,
whether beginner or seasoned photographer. One couldn’t ask for better mentors.”

Janis L. (Walla Walla, WA)




Kenario’s work, interview and techniques are featured in the new book “Polaroid Manipulations”, a complete visual guide to creating sx70, transfer, and digital prints.

With hundreds of images and tips, plus the history of Polaroid cameras and film, this book (already in its second printing) is the most instructive on the market.