Original SCULPTED POLAROIDS evolved through the following procedures:

  • Polaroid Time Zero film is loaded into a Polaroid SX-70 camera and exposed.
  • Before the emulsion on the developing Polaroid picture dries it is submerged in approximately one inch of water heated to 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and clamped down.
  • The emulsion on the surface of the picture is pushed about through the Mylar sleeve using a variety of tools to sculpt and form the photographic image. No paint or ink is applied. These images are exactly as the original looks.

This explanation of our hot water technique is featured in the book “Manipulated Polaroids” by Kathleen Carr, available on AMAZON

Painting-on-photos. We love to work in many different media, French oils, Inks, Pencils, Water colors, Pastels, etc?.

These images are part of a collection of many subjects from our travel and exploration of our planet.

Each image starts out as a photograph and is soon worked with on the surface of a Polaroid or the image can be transferred to canvas and watercolor paper then painted entirely to create a new expression of art.