A Partnership For Life


Mario Marchiaro & Ken Dorr

We began our Adventure in 1997, and in that time have developed a partnership to creatively express ourselves in the arena
of fine art. One of our passions is to travel and create photo impressionistic images.

We developed techniques such as our Hot Water Sculpted Polaroids, mixed media on canvas and painting directly on unusual surfaces such as palm husks, rocks and roof tiles. We have one of the largest collections of Polaroid Manipulation in the world.

We, Ken Dorr and Mario Marchiaro formed Kenario, as an artistic partnership to explore many photographic elements and as alchemists to combine colors and ideas with the foresight of producing artistic expressions and a touch of magic.


To explore and create new works with a mix of many mediums. To include our natural world as much as possible with minimal impact.


To one day share a peace filled body of work with art lovers through our not for profit foundation. To inspire and teach other upcoming artist some of our techniques and give back to the community.